Find best merger and acquisition consulting services in India

Looking for a good merger and acquisition consulting service provider in India can be a task. HU consultancy is here to help you with its best consulting services for all kind of businesses. To know more about our services connect with our team at (020) 2442 – 0209 . For more details, Visit at –


How Divestiture Advisory Services help in Liquidating Your Business?

Do you want to liquidate your business? Learn here how HU consultancy, one of the top divestiture advisory services, will help you in getting the right returns and also in finding a potential buyer. You might want to sell your business for many reasons. Make sure you are getting best returns out of your company. Consult HU consultancy, one of the best divestiture advisory services, to get the maximum rate. We understand that a divestment should be proactive but not reactive. To help you in getting a fair value, we advise you in effective bundling of all intangible and tangible assets of your company. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise in developing the best divestiture strategy to get you the best returns after liquidating. Finding a potential buyer of your company is the crucial step in the divestment process.

At HU consultancy, we take the most time-taking step into our hands. We help you in selecting a potential buyer from both strategic and financial buyers. Contact us today to get the fair and correct divestment strategy.

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SEBI revises a new listing of regulations norms for buy back of securities –

SEBI issued a new listing of regulation for buy back of securities from the open market. Buy back would be undertaken in accordance with SEBI regulatory act. These regulations shall apply to a Listed Entity which has listed any of securities on recognized Stock Exchange(s). Know more new listing regulations with Hu Consultancy.For more details, Visit at : –

Consult M & A consulting firms in India for the best advice on mergers

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Whether you are merging with another company or acquiring a business, it’s essential to take advice from the top merger and consulting firms in India. With HU consultancy, you are sure to get the best advice for mergers and acquisitions. We house expert team who can develop clear and strategical solutions for your merger.
As one of the best M & A consulting firms in India, we provide you with the cost-effective solutions which will pave for the profitable incomes. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a knack for identifying the key points which will help in your acquiring process. Contact us today, one of the top merger and acquisition firms in Mumbai, India.
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