HU Consultancy comes up with Extremely Profitable Divestment Advisory Services


Since the initiation of economic reforms in India in 1991, divestment in the Indian subcontinent has been quite popular as a major reviver of loss-making small and medium enterprises. A well designed divestment strategy can go a long way in checking the fiscal deficit and generating capital expenditure. Over the years, as companies are increasingly using the divestment policy for addressing this fiscal deficit, divestment advisory services are becoming very popular. With hands-on experience in this domain, HU Consultancy brings in result-oriented divestiture advisory services that are expected to bring about a considerable boom in the current divestment market.

A specialist in divestment strategy, the consultancy provides exceptional support to its clientele that remarkably minimizes the risks cropping up at each phase of the divestment procedure. Moreover, the strategic execution of the entire procedure maximizes the value for the seller. With India’s budget for divestment being set at Rs.56, 500 crores for the current financial year (2016-17), HU Consultancy sees a major rise in companies looking for strategic assistance in divestment issues. Having a team possessing 100 man years of professional experience in varied industries, HU Consultancy is confident of living up to the challenges that the future divestment scenario might bring.

While explaining the working procedure of HU Consultancy and how it assists in successful execution of divestment strategy, a spokesperson said that “There are a number of companies, both small and medium, who consider divestment as one of the core aspects of their business. They do focus on acquisitions but also lay considerable stress on selling of assets. By spinning off a particular business segment, the capital can be redeployed to power up core areas or re-invested in areas registering high growth.

We enable client to realize the value at every phase of divestment and always endeavor to minimize any potential disruptions to their business. As a seasoned provider of divestment advisory services, we consider it our responsibility to assist clients attain their strategic goals, evaluate the possible risks in divestiture, optimize the portfolio, realize the rewards to be obtained and prepare for carrying out the transaction. In short, we are there to support businesses in the entire gamut of divestiture activities they indulge in.”

HU Consultancy has played a significant role in 250+ corporate restructuring programs, a number of them being in the sphere of divestment. The company looks forward to encourage more and more businesses to go for divestment of assets for better returns. For more details visit at –

Address-First Floor, Matruchaya Building,
Plot No.27, Mitramamdal Colony.pune,411009
Phone No-020 24420209


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